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Paper Planes


Your comprehensive step-by-step guide to language, culture and travel. Learn to communicate with the world in over 200 lessons of fun!

Are you ready to go beyond language learning?

By purchasing this course, you can immediately:

  • Track your language learning progress
  • Receive checklists to keep you on track
  • Receive Day-by-day instruction
  • Access over 150 different lessons
  • Gain tons of travel tips
  • Participate in lots of activities, quizzes, discussions, games, and reflective exercises
  • Access tons of scholarships and programs
  • Access the course on your computer, tablet, or phone with Wi-Fi
  • Read dozens of study abroad stories
  • Gain instruction in intercultural communication
  • Receive invaluable international business advice
  • Be able to use your language skills to get jobs and internships abroad
  • Boost your resume
  • & More

Learn how to speak, read, write and LIVE another language! Even if you have no prior language learning experience.