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Charity Lockhart

Entertainer/ Vocalist/ A Voice to Love Creator

Charity Lockhart has been entertaining audiences since she was six. As the daughter of a Pentecostal pastor and a music teacher mother, Charity grew up immersed in gospel music. As a young girl she studied violin, piano, classical and jazz vocals. In college, she studied music performance and music therapy in college. Now she splits her time between Arizona, performing in various productions, and Japan, where she tours each summer. Charity pulls from her varied experiences to create music, books and courses that engage the mind, body and soul.

Jasminé Lockhart

Traveler/ Polyglot/ Paper Planes Creator

Jasmine Lockhart is an experienced polyglot and traveler. She started her language journey in 2015 when she studied abroad in Europe for 2 years with AFS and the Congressional Bundestag Youth Exchange. Now 5 years later, she can speak German and French and is learning Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish. Through her experiences interning, teaching, and studying abroad, she has developed a language course like no other.

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