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 My Vision

Here’s what’s different about this course than any other.

When I took voice lessons, it was boring just doing vocal exercises. In this program, I wanted to create emotion. Emotion is what makes things memorable.

When you hear a song, then hear it again years later, your mind takes you back to the time and place where you first heard it.

Remember your first kiss, the first time you got your ears pierced, first time you fell in love, first time you rode a bike and fell off?

  Music takes you back to where you remember specific details. You store those events in your long term memory. So I created emotion with the music in this course so you can remember and put the information into your long term memory.  There will be times you laugh or even cry. This method allows you to be inspired and entertained. Most importantly you remember what you learned so you can apply the techniques you will learn in this course without even thinking about it.

What is a voice to Love?

What is a voice to Love

Voice Theory & Techniques

The exact strategy and tricks I used to hold a long note while belting.


How to play the piano so you can write songs and accompany your own singing.


How to use singer’s language for better phrasing in your songs.


How to Clap, Snap, Pat and Stomp to the beat, naturally. 

Ear Training

How to create harmonies using listening activities with the Charity Virtual Choir.

Stage Presence

How to become an iresistable magnet to your audience with techniques in character and confidence building.

Vocal Health

How to take care of your voice when your sick and recipes of healthy treats you can feed your voice before a performance.

Personal Voice Assessment

How to get one-on-one personal training to get the strategy you need to pinpoint your personal voacl weakness. 

Join A Community

Share songs and ideas with other singers on “A Voice To Love” private Facebook vocal group when you register for the course.


A vocal coach that hears every voice 

Learn to SING and PLAY PIANO in One Course



Inspiring STORIES,Interactive ACTIVITIES and LOVE


What Singers are Saying

“This is my daughter but YOUR Happy Face and Positive feedback will go here!!”

“I look forward to hearing you. You’re gonna love your voice.”

“This is my son! What is your favorite part of the course? Your comment and picture will go here.”

Pricing? Piece of Cake.

pricing  piece of cake

“I combined singing methods that I learned growing up in church, college music conservatory and my professional performing career to create this course. Just as I want my audience to go on an emotional journey during my performances, I want to take you through an emotional journey in this course. I look forward to hearing your voice and help you use your voice to love and change the world.” 

– Charity Lockhart, Vocal Instructor & Entertainer, Course Creator

Lessons in Voice & Piano

professional vocal performance career

Audio and Video Recordings

Love, Inspiration & Entertainment